is the end result of a collaboration between myself and Dave Hyde. Having already created a couple of image-intensive sites, I just couldn't bring myself to undertake hundreds more scans despite having a Big Boys fliers stash that cried out for an online presence. In trade for duplicates numbering a hundred or so, Dave tackled the task with gusto, arranging the collection chronologically and putting some serious miles on his flatbed scanner. That was three or four years ago. Despite quickly uploading the images and eventually adding a basic php-based flip function, I avoided more trial-and-error style coding and orphaned the site while I got busy with other pursuits. Red green red green red green stop and go. With 2010 coming to a close, the embarrassment of incompletion finally caught up with me. Merry X-mas, Dave. Sorry for the wait.

With better than 500 fliers on the site, I'd guess there are still hundreds more to be added. We never even got to the tabloid-sized ones. In many cases, the Big Boys created multiple fliers for a single show and, of course, other bands sharing the bill made their own, too. The flier designs by Randy "Biscuit" Turner and Tim Kerr are the obvious highlights in the galleries. If you're not already familiar with their artwork, you will be by the time you're done clicking through the site. For starters, the borders on this page here are Biscuit's handiwork from the Frat Cars EP, the band's 1980 vinyl debut and this site's namesake.

In the galleries, simply click the current image to move to the next one or tap "start slideshow" at the bottom of the gallery page and let 'em roll by. Now go start your own website!

— Ryan Richardson
December 2010

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